Icelandic tourism is still young. This implies that typical “luxury travel,” as many would define it, is more challenging to do here. However, you will still receive 5-star care and options for 5-star accommodations. What Iceland lacks in volume of luxury hotels, it makes up for in the form of fantastic tourist destinations and genuine service provided by the citizens who are eager to share their experiences, hobbies, and surroundings. However, this post is not about the luxury accommodation but rather the deluxe destinations Iceland offers. If you are planning a vacation in Iceland, here are some of the best things you can do. 

Whale Watching in Reykjavik

Regardless of when you want to travel to Iceland, whale watching is possible year-round. However, the summer months are the best if you want to see these marine giants. In the warmer months, whale-watching trips in Reykjavik run during the day and at night. You even get to watch whales in the midnight sun. 

According to the tour operators, you have an 80 to 95 percent likelihood of seeing these gentle giants regardless of the time of year. There is simply nothing more amazing than whales emerging right next to your boat. The ringside seat offers awe-inspiring spectacles. 

Whale watching is not the only treat you will get on your tour. You will also enjoy island visits and bird-watching. At Reykjavik’s Old Harbor, you get to select the tour that includes what you want. Upon your return from the spectacle, you get to enjoy fresh cod in one of the many restaurants located on the harbor. 


Geothermal Spas at the Blue Lagoon, Grindavik

Do you enjoy the spa? Why not soak in the most remarkable geothermal spa in Grindavik. The tourist destination is only 40 minutes away from Reykjavik, which means you can enjoy whale watching and a geothermal spa in a single day. The geothermal heated water here is pale blue and gets to 39 degrees Celsius. The water is believed to benefit both the skin and overall health. 

The popularity of this luxurious destination led to the growth of the Blue Lagoon industry. There are shops you can buy skincare products from, great eateries, and two hotels. You will be at a loss if you visit Iceland and fail to visit this amazing tourist destination. The Blue Lagoon and its many offerings first gained popularity back in 1976. It is now one of the most visited destinations in Iceland. 

You can book a bus from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon or an ATV day trip. A day trip allows you to drive over lava rock paths, a scenery you will never forget. 

Watch Breathtaking Geysers in Strokkur Geysir

It will take you about 50 minutes from Reykjavik to Strokkur Geysir, where you will be amazed by the spectacular geysers. This is a popular geyser foundation in Iceland and is well-known across the globe. The hot spring region is located in the southwest region of Iceland, next to the Hvita River. It is a popular destination thanks to the mud pits and approximately 100 smaller geysers. The Strokkur shoots every couple of minutes, and the water rises up to 30 meters. 

One of the best memories you will get from this destination is digging ‘hot spring’ or Geysir bread that is left baking for 24 hours underground. You can help the chef boil some eggs in the hot spring if you want. 

Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights

If you are like most people, you have only seen the aurora in videos or photos. How about breaking the cycle – seeing these lights in person and taking photos? Needless to say, the Northern Lights are a popular attraction in Iceland. These spectacular lights are caused by solar winds – the flow of ions that radiate from the sun. When the particles are ensnared in the magnetic field of the earth and start colliding with the atmospheric molecules, an energy burst results causing the spectacle. The lights look like large circles at the earth’s poles. You will take in the full glory of the Aurora Borealis while in remote locations. 

The lights are more striking when there is more solar activity. Considering the appearance of these lights is unpredictable, there are many lodging and hotel operators that offer predictions and can call you at night when the Northern lights appear. There are also many Northern Lights tours available in Reykjavik. With these tours, you will be driven to a remote countryside where you can catch the best glance of the natural wonder. 

Hiking the Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve

The Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve is located in the southern region of Iceland. The national park is a popular destination in Iceland thanks to its mystical landscape. Here you will get to hike the Hekla volcano as well as expansive lava fields. Horse riding is also available. The Landmannalaugar Hut is a lodge located here and can accommodate up to 75 people. This is the place to visit if you are looking for spectacular views or rugged scenery and raw nature. 

Be Amazed by the Skaftafell Ice Cave

Vatnajokull National Park is located in South Iceland. It is a region filled with glaciers and glorious ice caves. While there are numerous ice caves located here, Skaftafell Ice Cave is one of the two caves that are open all year. Winter is the best time to visit.  At night, the cave gets bathed in marvelous blue light. If you are fit enough, you can arrange for glacial treks for the most treasured experience of seeing caves and glacial cracks. 

There is so much to see and do in Iceland. It is impossible to cover all the fantastic destinations in one post. For the best experience and to discover the hidden gems, you need to find a remarkable luxury tour company to help you plan your trip. In addition to the available packages, you can work with a tour guide to create a custom package that works best for you. Deluxe Iceland is, without a doubt, one of the best luxury tours agency you can work with. The agency is a fully authorized travel agency and is based in Iceland.

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