Booking Conditions

This document sets out contractual terms that are legally binding on you, so it’s important that you read and understand them. Below are the general terms that apply to all users of All of the terms stated in these Terms of Service, together with Deluxe Iceland Privacy Policy constitute the “Agreement” between you and Deluxe Iceland. is the online booking site and trading name of Deluxe Iceland. Our registered head office is at Rauðhella 1, 221 Hafnarfirði, Iceland. No contract between you and Deluxe Iceland shall come into existence until Deluxe Iceland accepts a payment and issues a confirmation invoice.



We accept all major credit cards through our website payment gateway and bank transfer.

Only a deposit of 30% of the total trip amount must be paid to confirm your booking with us.

Full payment needs to be made at least six weeks before arrival. In case of delays on payments Deluxe Iceland reserves the right to treat this as a cancellation and withdraw its confirmation of the services.


Validity of Prices

We use different local suppliers and the Rates we quote are based on the current list prices and availability for those suppliers. We will notify the Client as soon as possible in case of any price increase before the booking is fully confirmed. When you have received a booking confirmation and your booking is fully confirmed the final price is fixed and guaranteed in Icelandic Króna.

*All pricing and availability subject to change until payment is received and booking is fully confirmed.



Our updated cancellation insurance makes sure that you can book your trip with more confidence. You can rebook your luxury tour, on one occasion, without any change fees. Or you may cancel your trip for any reason with the following terms:

  • More than two weeks prior to arrival: 30% will become valid as a credit and 70% refunded
  • Less than two weeks prior to arrival: 50% will become valid as a credit and 50% refunded
  • Less than 72 hours prior to arrival: No refund and no credit


We always recommend all travellers to get comprehensive personal travel insurance.


Cancellation of Group Tours (6 or more participants)

​The following cancellation policy applies for group tours that are paid in full:

  • More than four weeks prior to arrival – 70% will become valid as a credit and 30% refunded
  • Less than four weeks prior to arrival – 80% will become valid as a credit and 20% refunded
  • Less than two weeks prior to arrival – No refund and no credit


Please note that the credit is only valid for 12 months and will go against your new similar trip total cost for new selected dates.

Cancellation due to weather or bad conditions (Activites)

All our itineraries are designed to be flexible taking weather conditions into account. All outdoor activities are weather and condition dependent and we reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel certain activities. Please note that the weather changes fast in Iceland and with it conditions change. Our number one priority is to make decisions with your safety in mind and overall experience. Activities that are cancelled due to these reasons are fully refunded.


Accepted payment methods

Deluxe Iceland accepts major credit cards. If your tour is being paid for with a third-party credit card, we will require written authorisation from the cardholder via fax or letter.



We will do our best to assist you in amending your experience arrangements, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. You will be responsible for any charges that result from such an amendment. Lunches, dinners and additional service that is booked and invoices by the company will be charged on the day of departure.

Activites/services – changed or cancelled:

– More than 72 hours prior to date/time: Full refund
– Less than 72 hours prior to date/time: No refund

*All amendments or cancellations for activities/services needs to be sent in a writing to [email protected].




Deluxe Iceland claims no responsibility for any sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike, natural disaster or any other cause beyond our control. Please note that some tours can be changed or rearranged depending on the weather conditions, so we need to be flexible. We are concerned about your safety and overall experience. In case of activity being canceled or tour changed your guide will let you know in time and give you alternative options and make the best out of the situation.


Passports & Visas

It is the responsibility of all visitors to make sure that their passport and other travel document accepted by Icelandic authorities are valid for at least three months beyond their intended stay in Iceland.

Travel Documents

All travel documents are available as electronically PDF documents on view my booking page that you will receive access to in an email once your booking is confirmed and your final itinerary is ready. Upon arrival in Iceland your driver will present you with the hard copies of the travel documents, so you don’t need to print them out.


Travel Agencies

All our private tours are commissionable for travel agents. Please note, however, that we do not offer commissions for private tours on special offer.


Service Terms

    1. Deluxe Iceland (hereinafter referred to as DI) reserves the right to decide the route driven, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
    2. DI accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to luggage or other items that are transported in or on its vehicles.
    3. In the event that the client damages DI’s vehicle, or if his conduct is such that the vehicle must be cleaned especially, the client is to pay compensation equivalent to the expense incurred by DI to remedy the situation. All claims and disputes that relate to the provided services must be notified within 7 days from the issue date.
    4. DI accepts no responsibility for any delays of whatever nature.
    5. Smoking in DI’s vehicles is absolutely prohibited. In event of a violation thereto, a fine of up to ISK 225.000 per day will be imposed.


Special charges:

  1. Cleaning fee of ISK 25,000 for a medium passenger car and ISK 30,000 for a large minivan
  2. Fines for damages to the vehicle, whether to the interior or the exterior, may amount to up to ISK 250,000, irrespective of the vehicle involved.
  3. In case the client wants to add activities or other services to his booking with DI a full payment must be made for the outstanding balance at least 24 hours before his departure from Iceland.
  4. A full day of driving guidance is 10 hours. In the event that the day exceeds the negotiated period, overtime will be charged, 16.500 ISK per extra hour.

Please note pricing and availability subject to change until payment is received and booking confirmed