Iceland will re-open on the 15th of June

As many countries start to loosen their gathering restrictions and lift their travel bans, we can expect to be allowed to travel again soon. But where should we go? Which country is safe to explore in the post-pandemic era?  The last few chaotic months we experienced will be a constant reminder of the need to be safe, clean, and stress-free, and this applies to vacations too! Wherever you choose to go on your vacation, we recommend a place with therapeutic powers, tranquil sceneries, and open space full of stunning sights. And that leaves us with one answer – Iceland.


With the first COVID-19 case confirmed in late February, Iceland has been fighting the coronavirus outbreak since the beginning and now, 3 months later, it claims a major victory against the coronavirus pandemic. The Government of Iceland recently announced that it will ease travel restrictions for international visitors from June 15th and travellers will be given a choice between:

  • Being tested for coronavirus infection on arrival
  • Providing a recent test result, proving they are free from infection


While travellers wait for results they will be asked to download and use the official tracing app already used by 40% of Iceland’s population. This app follows strict privacy standards, with location information only released from the traveller’s device if an infection risk is suspected. All those who pass will be free to explore the country, others who fail the test will undergo the standard two weeks of quarantine.


Changes in travel restrictions until 1 July

Updated: 15 June, 2020 

Iceland will continue to implement the EU/Schengen travel restrictions, which have now been extended until 1 July. EU, EFTA, and UK nationals will continue to be able to enter Iceland under the condition that they preregister and undergo either a test or a two-week quarantine upon arrival. While the EU/Schengen travel restrictions have now been extended until 1 July, the exemptions have been broadened, allowing students and experts from third countries to enter Iceland. In general, these restrictions apply to foreign nationals other than those from the EU, EFTA, and the UK.

The Minister of Justice and the Embassy of Iceland in Brussels will continue their discussions with the EU Commission on the lifting of travel restrictions for third-country nationals and the importance of tourism in the Icelandic economy.


Private tours are more safe

Travelling only with your family, friends and your private guide is the most safe travel style you can choose at times like these. All our staff follows guidelines and instructions by The Directorate of Health and The Icelandic Tourist Board. We have raised our standards of codes of conduct in operation, all our vehicles are sterilised with steam machine between rides and we have free hand sanitizer on-board that will significantly decrease any chances of infection. All our guides are tested for coronavirus infection before being in any contact with our clients. Your guide will do it’s best to guide you from crowded places and make sure that your safety is his top priority.

Provided on-board our vehicles: 

  • Safety guidelines
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Single use masks
  • Single use gloves


No Loss Policy

In response to the unprecedented outbreak of the Covid-19 virus we have adjusted our cancellation policy that applies to all bookings arriving after 1st of May in 2020. To protect our clients from any financial losses, most of the cancellation fees will be waived and changed to credit as follows here below.

  • More than four weeks prior to arrival – 30% deposit will become valid as a credit for all bookings

​The following cancellation policy applies for tours that are paid in full:

  • More than four weeks prior to arrival – 50% will become valid as a credit and 50% refunded
  • Less than four weeks prior to arrival – 75% will become valid as a credit and 25% refunded
  • Less than one week prior to arrival – 80% will become valid as a credit and 20% refunded
  • Less than 48 hours prior to arrival – No refund and no credit

Read the full cancellation policy.

New Travel Insurance

We have started to offer new cancellation insurance so now you can book with more freedom than ever before. Start planning your next luxury getaway stress free and worry free, change or cancel your 2020 booking without any cancellation fees. With this cancellation insurance you can cancel your tour package up to two weeks before your arrival date without losing any of your payment.

  • Full refund minus transaction fees that are usually 2% depending on the credit card you used.
  • Less than two weeks prior to your arrival general booking terms and conditions will apply.

Cost of the cancellation insurance is 29.900 ISK per person. If you choose to add this insurance to your package with us we will send you an email confirmation for the purchased insurance.


How Iceland Dealt With COVID-19

Iceland began testing and screening at the end of January, one month before the first Icelandic patient, who contracted the disease on a skiing trip in North Italy. As of today, Iceland has only two active cases, with 1791 recoveries. For the past two weeks a maximum of one confirmed case has been announced each day while unfortunately a total of 10 people have passed away due to the virus. Without straining its medical resources, Iceland has successfully contained the epidemic. The chief epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason expressed to the New York Times that he didn’t expect the recovery to be this fast. The level of professionalism that Iceland demonstrated during the crisis demonstrates the benefits of living in a small nation. We can now say that Iceland has reached through to the other end of the coronavirus pandemic tunnel and is looking forward to opening its borders in mid-June. 


Hope remains strong and will be dependent on the effectiveness of the rolling analysis of the situation. Iceland plans to have coronavirus tests for all inbound travelers at the Keflavik International Airport. Plans and details are being constructed in regards to how to handle a more complex situation, as tourists are coming later when mainland European countries become borderless again and the global air traffic starts to gradually pick up. With that in mind, the current atmosphere in Iceland is uplifting and hopeful. Summer is just around the corner and the vibrant colors and pleasant sunshine have arrived in time to sweep away the bleakness of this year so far. 


So, if Iceland is ready, we want to make sure you are too!



How to get to Iceland

In the last few years, more airlines have increased flights to this Iceland, located near the Arctic Circle, Iceland is enroute between North America and Europe. Ideal as a quick stopover retreat when you travel between the two continents, Iceland is an easy destination to reach. Powered by deepened globalization and international modern fleet, Iceland is merely a connecting flight away even if you are from Asia Pacific or the rest of the world. Iceland is closer than you think! 


Private Jet Travel

We have a good partnership with Private Fly and private flights can easily be arranged from anywhere in the world. Private Fly has 7,000 aircraft in one global network so there are many possibilities. Combined with their 24/7 expert flight team and commitment to providing the highest levels of private jet safety, you will be given the best options, at the best prices, for every flight. For private jet charter advice and prices call us at +354 490 6006 or fill out our contact form.



Airlines with Direct Flights to Iceland

With millions of visitors from all over the world flying to Iceland for its stunning nature and extraordinary sights, the players in the air travel market launch new routes and new connecting points, so we, as the concerned travellers, can have more options for some reasonable flight duration.

Here a list with some of the airlines that fly directly to Iceland:




Next steps 

We are here at your disposal, whenever you’re ready! Our team of local guides can’t wait to show you our country’s unforgettable natural beauty and adventures. If you have any questions regarding the situation in Iceland or want to take full advantage and start planning your trip to Iceland, you can get in touch with your travel expert today. Call us at +354 490 6006 or fill out our contact form