Spring is undoubtedly the best time to visit Iceland, even though it is often underrated. The sites are less crowded, landscapes become greener, temperatures get warmer, and rainfall becomes scarce, translating to better prices and an improved overall experience. The only potential downside is that chilly weather may set in occasionally as winter fades away slowly. The shortness of the season may also limit your stay, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the experience maximally. You can take advantage of the long days and short nights to maximize the value you receive for your money. The ease with which you can book accommodations in Iceland adds to other numerous advantages.

Spring season in Iceland

Although summer and winter were the only seasons known in the Nordic countries, spring and autumn have earned their acknowledgment rights to become as clearly defined as the other two seasons.

Spring begins when winter ends, with the locals identifying the seasonal change through Golden Rover – sighting the bird signifies the beginning of the season, usually around mid-March.

Despite the pleasantness of the weather, spring lasts a short while in Iceland. It does not follow the calendar in the northern hemisphere, which begins in mid-march and ends in mid-June. The locals have devised ways of determining the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

 It is also important to note that the weather is not always pleasant. The beginning of the season may have unpredictable weather variations that improve with time, with March registering the lowest temperatures. The weather may also be milder on the northern side. That does not mean you cannot enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer.

Things to do and places to see in spring

You can engage in winter and summer activities in Iceland in spring, with the sites providing splendid scenarios that make your visit worth the while. From river rafting to wildlife sightseeing, you will get a variety of options, such as:

Winter sports – Skiing, glacier hiking, or snowboarding are still possible in spring. Ski slopes in north and south Iceland are both suitable for the sport, while ice caves in the glaciers allow snowmobiling. Visit Reykjavík or similar extraordinary sites with ice caves that form naturally during the colder season. You may have to time your visit to enjoy the winter-related natural phenomena. Your tour guide can help you plan accordingly.

Sightseeing – Most people associate the northern lights with winter, but the magnificent phenomenon can still occur in spring. The longer days and shorter nights should not hinder you from experiencing what is usually on most people’s wish lists. The nights are significantly darker than in summer, meaning the dancing lights are still visible from a strategic point. Work with a tour guide with experience in such happenstances to increase your chances of seeing them.

Another sightseeing option is wildlife. Spring is the season whales return to bays and puffins turn up on sea cliffs. You can go whale-watching or puffing spotting in Snaefellsnes.

Such a trip also involves boat riding, which means you can engage in many other water-related activities.

Visit the glaciers – The glaciers are the perfect way to experience a combination of the natural scenic landscapes of Iceland and favorable spring weather for numerous adventurous activities. Most of the country remains covered with ice caps as winter ends, with some renowned locations like Skaftafell having sites to behold. You can try ice climbing or glacier hiking in Solheimajokull.

Other places to visit are Westfjords, Ring Road, South Coast, the Golden Circle, and Westman Islands.

Spring in Iceland also brings numerous events you can attend if you do not want to engage in strenuous activities. An example is AK Extreme which happens in Akureyri town and attracts thousands of participants yearly. The Children’s Culture Festival is also available for families – adults get appropriate activities to participate in, although the event is mainly for children.

Tips for visiting Iceland in spring

Stick to main sites like the Golden Circle if you visit Iceland in early spring, especially if you do not have a tour guide. Some roads may be closed before the winter weather clears off completely. Check the imposed stops and road safety before driving to any site to avoid inconvenience.

If you want to experience the phenomenal waterfalls in Iceland, visit the country in spring. You will find raging waters instead of light flows. The magnitude of the overflows and thunderous falls will help you understand why the features attract numerous tourists.

Fewer tourists in spring mean lower prices, but you should still have extra funds for unplanned activities or emergencies.

Plan for unpredictable weather when packing. Carry a combination of warm and cold clothing for when the weather changes unexpectedly. The fluctuations can range from freezing to warm as the month progresses, but that is easy to track through apps and other available online resources.

Plan for possible windstorms with gusts of wind reaching up to 75mph or more. The temperatures can range between 31 degrees and 37 degrees Fahrenheit in March, but the winds can make it feel chillier. The temperatures will continue to rise in later months, with May registering the highest temperature ranges of 51 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Depending on the town you visit, you may experience a slight difference in the magnitude of the weather fluctuations, but you should still plan for the changes.

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