Shifting tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, northern lights, water-filled glaciers, and icebergs set Iceland apart from all other countries. They are also the same factors attracting multitudes to the country. However, experiencing all the extraordinary sceneries may be a hassle without proper guidance or planning, which is why you need tour companies. You can rely on tour guides to show you the best access roads that will allow you to enjoy all the features.

Deluxe Iceland can ensure you experience the best that Iceland sites offer according to your personal preferences. We understand that traveling style and taste differ – some people prefer thrilling tours while others want relaxed versions.

Best Guided Tours

Northern Lights Adventure

The northern lights remain one of the spectacular occurrences across the world. If you visit Iceland between September and April, you can enjoy the sites from inside the caves or other specific spots that your tour guide will recommend. The adventurous winter trip is often on many wish lists, with the phenomenon only happening in very few countries around the globe.

Some people opt for self-guided tours when seeing the northern lights, but a guided excursion is always better. With an experienced official guide, you can explore the rural areas or reach the outskirts of the urban settings for a more awe-inspiring and memorable experience. You also get an explanation of the phenomenon through the best viewing points with minimal cloud covers.

Tour guide companies have different rates for various preferences, whether you travel alone or as a family. Determine the costs beforehand as you compare all the available tour options to avoid confusion.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the top tourist locations in Iceland, with options that include volcanic craters and breathtaking waterfalls. Accessibility of the attractions throughout the year makes them the most popular and favorable tourist sites, with simple access making the trip more fun. Numerous options are available for our choosing, from hot springs and waterfalls to UNESCO-listed national park – Pingvellir National Park.

The Golden Circle does more than entice visitors – the sites also hold celebrated facts and local cultures. For instance, Pingvellir remains the original site for the longest ongoing parliament in the world from as early as 930 AD. Gullfoss remains a spectacular site with water cascading more than 100 feet down.

If you choose Deluxe Iceland, you can enjoy family-suited adventures like horseback riding, snorkeling in Silfra fissure between two continents, volcano hikes, and glacier walking, among others. All these are available on different days, perfect for a one-week stay or more.

Visiting The South Coast

The unmatched beauty on the South Coast is only comparable to unforgettable sceneries in the Golden Circle. The spectacular coastline brings numerous activities, ranging from a simple stroll along the beaches to the unmatched enchanting scenes that include black volcanic sand and basalt columns in Reynisfjara beach. Glacier-capped volcanoes are also available, together with other geological marvels that will make your trip lovelier.

Your tour guide can arrange the best route with more scenic features – options include geothermal areas with formations worth marveling at or the countryside with envious greenery. Traveling is better when the weather allows you to take in more stunning features that remain hidden for most tourists, including some of the best-hidden gems in the country. Possibilities are limitless when you choose the South Coast tour – you will not be bored or run out of options. You can try a new site or activity each day in Iceland.

Ice Cave Explorations

Iceland has crystal blue clear waters that you cannot find anywhere else. The only potential disadvantage is that you will have to visit Iceland during specific times of the year to experience the magic within the ice caves. An ideal time would be from November to March because of the appropriateness of the caves.

The existence of a few glacier caves across the globe is part of the reason ice cave explorations in Iceland are special. The uniqueness of those here makes them exceptional. The caves have distinctive features that set them apart – visiting several does not feel repetitive. Their locations also provide convenience, allowing you to access them hassle-free on the same day – different areas with glacier caves leave you feeling like you have had vastly different experiences.

Avoid All the Stress of Planning by Hiring Deluxe Iceland

Your experience with any of the above tours depends significantly on the tour guide company you decide on and your role in the planning process. You should hire a suitable company early enough and gather the itineraries you will need if the company does not cater to everything. Choosing Deluxe Iceland guarantees a remarkable experience with customized travel options according to your preferences.

We do not provide a one-fits-all service – our approaches are tailor-made for utmost comfort and convenience. We also go above and beyond to ensure all trip arrangements align, from arrival to departure, to guarantee a stress-free and smooth experience.

We offer various private guided tours, such as:

Northern Lights Adventure – includes a stay at the Blue Lagoon with geothermal waters and spa-like treatment to help you relax. We make the 6-day tour fun-filled by including different activities and stopovers to maximize your experience in Iceland.

Family Adventures – during summer, including glaciers, walks, a visit to the Land of Fire and Ice, snorkeling, sightseeing along the Golden Circle route, and a trip to the South Shore – to name a few. We mix the events to suit the whole family.

Winter Romance tour – including a soak in the geothermal waters in the Blue Lagoon and a visit to the Lava Tunnel, Diamond Cave, and Ice cave.

Wonders of the North and East tour – involving scenic sites in East Iceland. Examples include visiting Petra’s Stone Mineral Collection Stöðvarfjörður and a boat tour to Drangey Island.

You can be spoilt for choice when visiting Iceland – numerous options may make it harder to choose what to do. However, you can discuss your preferences with expert guides who will recommend the best tour guide alternative depending on the season of your visit.