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Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs & Dynjandi



The Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs & Dynjandi are the most visited tourist destinations of the Westfjords. The destinations are easily accessible and bring you closer to nature than ever. At the westernmost point of Iceland is a 14 Kilometer long line of cliffs that nest an uncountable number of bird species. The birds are quite tamed, especially the puffins. The abundance of birds at the Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs makes it an eerily beautiful scene that no photographer can do justice with it. Another impressive tourist destination in the west fjords is the Dynjandi waterfall. The hike to the top of the Mountain Falls is not easy but is worth it. You get an incredible panoramic view of the fjord below. Destinations like these are perfect for family picnics.

Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs

The Bjargtangar in Látrabjarg is often referred to as the westernmost point of Iceland, and the lighthouse at Látrabjarg is the westernmost lighthouse of Europe. The birdlife adds to the beauty of the cliffs and makes it a spectacular sight to admire. Látrabjarg is divided into Keflavíkurbjarg, Bæjarbjarg, Breiðavíkurbjarg and Látrabjarg cliffs. Tourists come here to greet the Puffins and other sea birds from up close. The Látrabjarg is home to many bird species like guillemot, razorbill, fulmar. One of the amazing sites is watching the chicks being nested and raised. Látrabjarg Bird Cliff is the probably best spot in entire Iceland to photograph puffins because they are tamed and grown used to having humans around them. They are fearless, and at times make you feel like they’re posing in the camera. A word of advice, don’t get too close or try to touch them because they bite hard. Gordon Ramsey learned this the hard way. Látrabjarg is heaven or all the bird enthusiasts. With the right weather conditions, every picture you take will be worth a thousand dollars.


Dynjandi Waterfall

Dynjandi means thunderous or booming, and the sound of gushing of water does every bit of justice to its name. The waterfall originated from Fjallfoss – Mountain Falls and sources from the Dynjandisá river. Dynjandi Waterfall is about 100 meters tall and 60 meters wide and situated between the Dynjandisvogur bay and Arnarfjörður Fjord. It is a merger of seven waterfalls. The Dynjandi Waterfall is a great destination for hiking, camping, and of course photographing. The waterfall is in a rural area, and it is off the beaten track. There are no fancy facilities available, but that will not matter because the site is just breathtaking. The waterfall is at it’s best in the summers from May to October. And in winter, the roads are closed due to deep snow and avalanches. If you want to experience the wonders of The West Fjords Of Iceland, check out some of our private luxury tours where you can see it up close.