We have a new active volcanic eruption in Iceland from March 16th, 2024. Visiting the new erupting volcano is a truly once in a lifetime experience were you can still see the old fresh lava field. Eruptions are happening in Iceland every 3 – 5 years, many of them happening long way away from Reykjavik but this eruption is very close, only 30 minutes from the city. There are three main ways to get to the eruption site, hiking will take 4 – 5  hours, 35 – 45 minute helicopter tour or with a 1,5 – 2  hour buggy ride. Get in touch with us a book this unique experience! 

Private Helicopter Volcano Eruption Tour

Duration: 35 – 45 minutes | Price (1 – 5 persons): 330.000 ISK

You can take a 35 – 45 minute helicopter tour to see the new volcanic eruption! Please note this helicopter tour is without a landing at the eruption site. There are two helicopters flying, 5 and 6 seater and it depends on the booking status and condition each way which helicopter will be operated. *This tour is very weather depended.