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Snowmobiling on top of Eyjafjallajökull glacier is an extraordinary experience and an adventure not to be missed! This tour is the perfect length of time for ‘first-time riders’ and individuals looking for a scenic, fun-ride, exploring and experiencing the wilderness, the glacier and the breathtaking views over south Iceland. The duration of the tour varies from season to season since we drive up to the ever changing snow-line to reach our snowmobiles but the snowmobiling itself is about 1 hour. In winter time it is easier to reach snow so the tour is about 2 hours, but in the summer time we need to drive higher to reach the snow-line, and then the tour can take up to 4 hours.


Top the day by  going snowmobiling up on Eyjafjallajökull the infamous glacier that erupted in 2010!


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