Local Farm Visit


All Year


1,5 - 3 hours

True to the Icelandic heritage, one of our most authentic and best experiences is our local farm visit, where you get familiar with the Icelandic farm life and enjoy a cup of coffee and Icelandic pancakes with the locals, experiencing the countryside at its core. We want to point out that our local farm visit might not be suitable for everyone. We know this due to the fact that Iceland is growing stronger by the day as a vegan friendly country. Iceland hasn’t always been vegan-friendly as it has a long history of meat-eating, farming and animal exploitation. Icelanders would likely not have survived through the generations on this harsh volcanic island otherwise.  But, according to key players in the country’s vegan movement, the public’s rising interest in the lifestyle cannot be denied. By visiting the local farm you will experience the country’s deep heritage of farming. Our farmers are hard working, good hearted people.