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Iceland has a number of great rivers to catch Salmon. An experienced fishing guide can help you catch the dream catch while having a productive and memorable time.


Mýrarkvísl River in North Iceland

River Mýrarkvísl is located in the north east of Iceland. Its origin is in Lake Langavatn and ends up nearly 25 km later in the river Laxá. For the first 2 km it meanders gently across plains and the slow flow makes it a perfect place for dry fly fishing. Thereafter, the terrain totally changes with the river cascading through steep sided canyons and fast flowing pools, before leveling off and meeting its junction with the Laxá. The season starts on the 1st of April. Until late July the catch is mostly brown trout, with fish ranging from 1lb to fantastic specimens of up to 6lb. In late July the salmon start making their way upstream in good numbers to find a suitable place to spawn. In the right conditions salmon fishing in river Mýrarkvísl can be an unbelievable experience, with free taking, fresh run fish in most of the pools.







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